Rules & Regulations

Students should come to school neatly dressed, in their complete school uniform. Students must always carry the school diary with them daily & take assignments seriously. The uniform should not be over or undersized as it spoils the personality of the child.

Students are expected to reach the school at least 5 minutes before assembly. Frequent late-comers will be sent home. Parents must make efforts to see that their child is ready and waiting at the gate of their residence for the school transport. Transport personnel has been told by the school authorities not to wait for more than 1 minute at any child’s house. This is to ensure that all the children arrive in school on time. It is understood that a parent whose child, due to delay, has missed the school transport, will then have the responsibility of bringing the child to school.

Irregular attendance, neglect of home work, insubordination to teachers, wilful disobedience or undesired behaviour will be seriously dealt with.

Parents are requested to return to the class teacher, the items such as beads, blocks, erasers etc. that very small children quite innocently put into their pockets and bags. Provide your child with adequate writing material at home such as slates, pieces of chalk, paper, crayons, pens, workbooks, story books, toys, puzzles, blocks etc.

Students are not permitted to bring objectionable books, magazines or other such literature to school e.g. radios, video games, mobile phones, Pen Drives/portable Storage Devices and other electronic gadgets.

Students are responsible for their own belongings. Parents should ensure that tiffin boxes, school bags, pencil boxes, blazers, books etc. bear the name of the child. The school will not be held responsible for the things that are lost.

Students are not permitted to wear ornaments or use expensive wrist watches. The school is not responsible for money or goods lost by the children. The girls who have got their ears pierced will wear only small studs.
Children must develop respect for the school property and material. Any kind of damage to school will be remitted by the offender.

Students will not be allowed to make or receive phone calls except in case of an emergency.

Leave will be sanctioned only, against the prescribed leave application form written in blue/black ink only. Leave application forms are provided in the diary.

Participation in all School activities including sports/games, co-curricular activities, School functions, National Days (Independence Day, Republic Day) is compulsory.

Students from different sections may be shuffled as per recommendation of the class teacher at the beginning of the new session. We request your support on this matter.

There will be a compulsory annual group photo of children of all classes, which will be charged for.

The following behaviour should be avoided:

  • Disrespect to the school staff, fellow students and visitors.
  • Demonstrating aggression, vulgar language, or indecent gesture towards an adult or another student in school.
  • Aggression / Harassment
  • Which be described as but not limited to:
            a) Unlawful threat (verbal or physical)
            b) Attempt to do physical harm to another person(s)
            c) Behaviours including fighting, intimidation, bullying & ragging.
  • Excessive public display of affection (PDAs)
  • Theft
  • Forgery:
            a) Interfering with documents or communication between school and home i.e. forging parent’s signature.
            b) Intercepting reports, trip request etc.
  • Skipping assembly:
            a)All students attending school have to be present in the assembly
            b) Students who are sick/unwell should report to infirmary/Doctor’s room.
  • Substance abuse:
            a) Use/Possession of Drugs/Tobacco products
            b) Alcoholic beverages
  • Loitering inside the school premises:
            a)In the canteen
            b) On the playground

Loitering outside school premises after classes is strictly prohibited.

Movement for classes i.e. Music, Dance, Computer, Library should be smooth and in lines.

Misuse of computers and internet:
Computer use is for educational purpose only.