Notes For Parents

1. Check the school diary & sign daily. The diary forms a link between the school authorities and the parents.

2. Give sufficient time and attention towards the progress and daily work of your child. If you wish to discuss a matter of concern, contact the school office. You will be intimated the time to meet the concerned teacher during her/his free periods.

3. Be available if it is necessary, to discuss aspects of your child’s behaviour at the school. Be open to listening and considering the teacher’s opinion regarding your child, even when the comments may be less than complimentary. We care for your ward and are concerned for his/her welfare.

4. Append your signature to messages written in the diary, report cards or other documents when requested to do so.

5. Your child must attend the first and the last day of the school term. Written permission must be sought from the Principal in case a child is not able to attend the school.

6. A student’s name will be struck off the rolls if:

  • If fees are not paid for two consecutive months.
  • He/She continues to be absent without a leave note for more than one month in succession.

7. In all official correspondence with the school, the full name of the child as well as the class and admission number should be mentioned.

8. Parents are expected to exert firm parental discipline in cases where their child’s behaviour is a distracting influence to the learning opportunities for others in the school. In any event, if the services of a school teacher are sought for the private tutoring of a student after school hours, written permission must be sought from the Principal.

9. Children must be encouraged to do their homework by themselves. It is important that children develop a habit of working on their own. However, Parental supervision is important.

10. It is imperative for parents to attend all Parent Teacher Meetings. The management will take a serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from such meetings, or those who show disinterest or unconcern towards their child’s education.

11. a) Keep your child at home if he/she is suffering from contagious diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, etc.
Your child is to attend school only with a doctor’s fitness certificate.

The following period of isolation is recommended:

  • Measles: 5 days after the rash disappears
  • Mumps: 1 week after the swelling subsides
  • Chicken Pox: Till the blisters dry & fall off.
  • Conjunctivitis: Till no white discharge comes out of the eyes.

b) In case of illness or some other commitment, children should not be sent to school at all, even if there is any test. It is extremely unreasonable to send the child who is ill to the school for the test. His/Her health is more important. Children will not be allowed to leave school in between if they come only for the test. If a parent is insistent and wishes the child to go home, then his/her test will stand cancelled.

c) No Test or Examination date will be brought forward or postponed. If a child is absent on medical grounds, his final result will be decided on his year’s work. Results once declared are final and will not be reconsidered. The Principal’s decision will be final.

12. Points to be noted while celebrating child’s birthday in school:

a) Parents are requested not to send pastries, cakes, gifts and sweets to be distributed in class.

b) For Classes Nursery, L.K.G. & U.K.G. only: A child may wear casual dress to the school on his/her birthday.

c) From class I onwards casual dress is not allowed.

13. It is understood that the school will take all possible care and precautions to safeguard the children when they are in the school premises. However, the school will not be held responsible for any mishap beyond its control.

14. A teacher should not be criticized in front of the child, as it undermines his/her respect for the teacher and the school. You can meet the Principal regarding any complaint.

15. Parents are requested not to meet the class teacher/subject teacher or their children during school hours in their class rooms, however, they can meet them at reception area after obtaining prior permission from the Principal.

16. Holidays:-
Parents are notified that there will be no rainy day holidays. School will function as usual on such days despite the heavy rains and water-logged streets. Parents are called upon to use their own discretion while sending their children to school on such days. Parents should understand that as vehicular traffic is often affected, they may be inconvenienced by the school transport facility on such days for obvious reasons. Parents should bear in mind that if a holiday is declared by the State Administration through the newspapers, they should comply with the same and not send their children to school even if the school transport arrives at their door to pick up the children, as transporters/drivers on their daily routes cannot be intimated by the school authorities in the morning, on the declaration of the holiday, Parents are informed that holidays declared in the newspapers will be adhered to by the school.

17. Dealing with staff:-
Parents are instructed not to enter into any monetary dealings, with teachers or any other member of the staff of the school. The School fee should be deposited in the bank . Teachers, P.T.Is, sub-staff and drivers are not the authorised personnel to be entrusted with the school fee. Please observe the rules mentioned in the fee book strictly.

18. Traffic Hazard:-
There is a lot of traffic in front of the school at arrival and departure time, especially on rainy days. To regulate the traffic, parents are requested not to reverse the vehicle in front of the school gate to avoid chaos. Help the gate keeper to regulate the traffic by following the instructions given to him by the school authorities as it is for the security and safety of your wards.

19. Ours is an Environment Friendly school. Therefore, Polythene Bags are not allowed in the campus. Kindly provide cloth / jute / paper bags to your wards to carry their belongings.

20. Please check the way your child is dressed in correct, clean and well-ironed uniform before leaving for school each morning. Encouraging your ward to get his/her clothes and bag ready in the evening, polishing shoes can help him/her to be well groomed for the school.

21. Children may be counselled that extremes of fashion are not acceptable in school. Very short skirts, hipster trousers, low waste trouser, shirts hanging out or designer shoes etc. are unacceptable.

22. Dangling ear rings and earrings larger than the earlobe (Studs are permitted), neck chains or cosmetics, lip glosses, nail polish, fancy hair pins etc. are not permitted. Girls with short hair must wear a hair band.

23. Hair is to be clean, neat and well groomed, and styled to be out of the eyes. Hair colouring (including tips or highlights) is not allowed. Punk or fad haircuts, hairgel or any extremes in style, cut, shape or colour are not acceptable. Girls should make 2 braids for slightly long hair.

24. Students who do not report in correct uniform may not be allowed to sit in class. Parents could be informed of the violation/s. They could be asked to bring the dress items or the student may be sent home to change. Parents or students should not expect sympathy on this issue during school or board examinations or any other occassions.

25. Written permission for special dress concession may be sought by parents on special occasions, in case of unforseen temporary difficulty with a dress/items. Concession thus granted will be taken as isolated case and should not be taken as norm.

26. To avoid any mix up, names of students must be written with markers on the insides of cardigans, blazer, school caps, belts, cravats and shoes.

27. Students have to wear all items of the school uniform including all accessories in summers and winters. They must not exercise any choice in the matter because of weather conditions or personal whims.

28. Any additional dress item worn below the school dress should not be visible.

29. No student, once in school, would be allowed to leave during working hours. Prior sanction, at least a day in advance has to be taken for any such leave. No half day leave application would be entertained. If a child is wanted back at home urgently for any emergency during school hours, the escort should have a written note from the parent bearing the signature identical to his/her specimen signature entered in the child’s diary. The pupil will preferably be handed over to parents/guardian. (Marriages, functions or outstation pleasure trips would not be considered as emergencies for half day.)

30. We do not accept any item sent during working hours due to security reasons and also to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the students. Please ensure that your child carries his/ her tiffin and other things required in the school with him/ her when he/ she leaves for school in the morning.

31. You are requested to ensure that your ward packs his/ her bag strictly as per the daily class schedule to avoid carrying unnecessary weight. In case the child is found carrying extra book/ notebook, the same will be handed over only to the parents.

32. Motivate the child to read the chapters independently from her/ his textbooks. Though a certain percentage of questions will come from within the lesson, still the child should not be forced to cram the whole chapter (only 2-3 readings of the complete chapter is enough), as liberal marking will be done for the answers attempted by the child on his own.

33. Test note books will be sent home on Second and Fourth Fridays. It should be duly signed and sent back the next Monday positively.

34. Students are required to come in their uniform and carry their School Diaries for P.T.Ms.

35. Students availing school transport will not be allowed to be picked up personally by the parents/guardians without prior intimation to the class teacher as well as the Transport Incharge at least a day in advance.

36. Any change of address or phone number has to be intimated to school in writing at the earliest.