UKG’s Graduation Ceremony

A heartwarming culmination marked the UKG graduation ceremony, as our little stars bid adieu to this chapter with grace and talent. Here’s a glimpse of the enchanting performances and inspiring moments that adorned this special day. UKG A: Sparked joy and applause with their mesmerizing dance performance, showcasing finesse and enthusiasm. UKG B: United in harmony, they delivered a captivating group song performance, resonating with unity and melody.

Every child was celebrated and honoured for their hard work and dedication, as they received certificates marking their successful journey through UKG. The event concluded with an empowering speech from our esteemed Principal Dr. Raminder Pal Kaur, encouraging the graduates to embrace learning, face challenges with courage, and continue striving for excellence as they step into the next phase of their educational journey.

With smiles, applause, and fond memories, we bid farewell to our beloved UKG class, knowing that they carry within them the seeds of greatness. Congratulations to all the graduates and best wishes for a bright future ahead!