Labour Day Celebration

Saupinites conducted a host of activities to mark Labour’s Day. This day spreads awareness about the rights and opportunities of every individual who toils hard for a living. A colourful program was held for the School Sub Staff for their immense contribution to the upliftment of the whole school. Songs, dance performances, and a short skit were performed by our Saupinites for these silent workers. A host of games like musical chair, spoon handling etc. was also organised to make this day an unforgettable one for them. Gifts were given to winners to motivate them for their immense contribution.

The Principal, Dr. Raminder Pal Kaur extended her gratitude to them for working tirelessly to keep the school as its best self. She appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the students and stated that we must teach our children to have gratitude in their hearts for those who serve them every day. She reminded the students to be kind and respectful towards all those without whom life would not be so comfortable.