About Us

Saupin’s Panchkula is a private un-aided Co-ed. English Medium School running since 1999.

The school is permanently affiliated with The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi (CISCE).

Pre-Primary School
Pre-Primary school prepares the tiny tots with basic life skills, foundation for the coming years. Students are taught with playway methods. Stress is laid on pronunciation & phonetics.

Primary School
A multidisciplinary approach to learning is adhered to at the primary level. A strong emphasis is laid on English, Mathematics and Science. Students learn skills and concepts that serve them in their later

years of learning. The Social Sciences, Value Education, Computer Skills, Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Yoga, Physical Education and Library are incorporated in the primary curriculum.

Middle School
The Middle School curriculum prepares our students for the higher levels of schooling. The curriculum stresses on written and oral expression, reasoning abilities, concepts and problem solving. Co-operative learning, Debating and Group discussions help students to develop listening and inter-personal skills. Emphasis is laid on English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

High School
The school is affiliated to ICSE Board. We can boast of 100% result of Class 10 and a number of students scoring above 95% year after year. Almost all students are placed above 60% every year.

Enrichment: An Overview
The school is affiliated to ICSE Board. We can boast of 100% result of Class 10 and a number of students scoring above 95% year after year. Almost all students are placed above 60% every year.

  • Foreign Language: French
  • Library
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Skills: Computer Lab
  • Computers with internet access
  • Science Laboratories
  • Home Science Laboratory
  • Music Room (Indian Classical and Western Music)
  • Indian and Western Dance
  • ECP

To instill healthy competitiveness while partaking in intra-school sports and activities, students of the school are divided into four Houses: Maple , Clover, Aspen and Sycamore. House Mistresses, Assistant House Mistresses and House Teachers are allocated to each House. Inter-House Competitions are held in the following events:
Chess, Carrom, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Skating, Declamation, Debate, Quiz and many more. The House securing the highest points in the above disciplines is awarded the Best House Trophy.

Teaching Faculty and Students
Saupin’s is an English medium, co-educational school. The staff and students are predominantly Indian and its educational policy is broadly aimed at life and careers in India, keeping in view India’s pivotal position in global affairs. Staff is highly qualified.

The School Year
The Academic Year runs from March to February and comprises two terms – April to September and October to February. An examination is conducted at the end of each term and an academic progress report is issued. The cumulative academic performance of the student throughout the year is taken into account for promotion to the next class.

Absorbent Mind
Children possess unusual sensitivity and mental powers for absorbing and learning from their environment, quite unlike adults.

Children have to be respected as being different from adults and as individuals who differ from each other.

Children gradually develop self-discipline through work in their environment, an environment which allows freedom of movement and freedom of choice. This includes carefully graded material designed to stimulate the child to the necessary work activity, bringing about ever increasing powers of concentration and satisfaction.

Living up to the School Motto ‘Yearn to Learn’, the fundamental aim of Saupin’s is to create an environment that fosters a desire for learning, enabling children to develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, culturally and physically. We stand committed to educate children not merely through the textbooks prescribed to them, but to provide them with knowledge that covers a wide spectrum, which will endure through the years. It is our objective to instill in our students from a tender age, through inventive and imaginative activities, a sense of fairness, a zest for honesty and truthfulness, and a keen regard for regulation and discipline. We strive to protect and make them aware of the harsh realities of life to be faced when they step into the world outside.

1. To enhance learning through creative activities and innovative teaching techniques.
2. To provide a safe, loving and stable place for the younger children to learn and explore, and to provide a friendly, structured Primary, Middle and High School environment for the older children.
3. To impart learning in a congenial atmosphere, while encouraging fair play, social interaction, healthy competitiveness and civic sense.
4. To maintain high academic and ethical standards in order to mould our students into fine, successful human beings instilling in them a keen regard and respect for school, home, community and country.
5. To offer programs that help students who are challenged with learning difficulties and to develop their potential.