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ICSE Affiliation No:- HA-022 (Nursery to Class X)

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School Saupins School panchkula
Dear Parents, Greetings!This is to inform you that the Second and Fourth Saturday of every month will be holidays for classes Nursery to 10.

The Brighter side of the pandemic: The Educationist's point of view

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it!
When 2020 gives you the Pandemic, what do you do?
Do you keep blaming those who brought the pandemic?
No…You do not!!!
You adapt….accept… adjust ….. Accomplish!
Yes, it’s been one and half years since March 2020! It has transformed the way we teach and learn.

Here are some things which you can do and create a world of possibilities around yourself.
#Learn and use technology to teach and study. Why wait for 2030? Learn it now. Technological skills which we would have learnt when we entered professional careers had to be learnt and used by a learner as young as a four year old. They handled it so amazingly well that they surprised their teachers as well as their parents. Could we have asked for more?
#Become independent learners. Make a schedule, do self-study, Google it, and make notes. You could not ask doubts in the class? Pick up the topic –limitless material is available online. The three hours saved by virtual classes, use it to the best of your advantage. This is the right time to learn self-discipline and be self-motivated. Teachers can’t see you, parents are not there at home. You motivate yourself to attend all the classes, complete your work and do self-study. Can anything be better than this?
#Learn from the best. Sitting in the comfort of your home. Take a dip in the ocean of knowledge …. Free of cost… Boundaries of education are shattered. Subscribe to good channels where the concepts are taken up at length, go back to it again and again till you get it.
#Connect with family. Share special moments and time with your family. Bond over some special games and activities which you play together. Don’t know when you will be together again…like this.
#Pursue your hobby. This is a very rare chance given to you to connect with yourself, to pursue your hobby, read your favorite book. Try cooking your favorite dish.
This is the time. Do it!

Mrs. Rani Poddar